Never Bite Solder Wire With Your Mouth Again!!
Established in 1986, Solder System Enterprise Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of Soldering Machines and Cable Assemblies. The best quality and service has always been our company's policy and therefore, we have gained our customer's full trust and support.

Our company's President, Mr. Danny Tsai has been engaged in the production and sales of cable & wire testers for many years. Being personally involved in the whole production line, he came to understand that it was difficult to firmly fix the articles that had to be soldered. Since we have only two hands, it became apparant that we need auxiliary tools to aid us in order to carry out smooth soldering work. He also understood that manufacturers waste precious time and human labor in the production lines by conducting constant checks on the work done especially in the computer industry. As a result, finished products are of inferior quality and the plant's productivity is very low, with many products being rejected. In the end, manufacturers gradually lose the ability to compete with others and even have their cost of labor increased, in order to hire skilled and well trained soldering technicians.

After three years' of study, design and experiment, Mr. Tsai and our R&D team, are proud to present to the world our ingenious "SY-003 Twin Arm Soldering System" that is patented in U.S.A., China and Taiwan. This Soldering Robot comes with two arms that can be adjusted and fixed into any position that the operator desires by using the knobs, which holds the soldering iron. It can feed solder wire automatically and quantitatively. Operation is so simple that even a novice can master it in 1~2 hours. Just place the product to the tip of the soldering iron and step on the foot pedal to have it soldered. The soldering process will be done conveniently and quickly. With an increase of 50% in production efficiency, a considerable amount of labor can be saved which will eventually increase your profits.

We are also a reliable manufacturer of Cable Assemblies. We have been assembling cables for many reputed companies for the past 10 years.
Please contact us immediately, as "Time Is Money". Save more time and increase your production and profits.


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